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Buy Acid-Base Balance Powder for attracitve price and in best quality from BioPraep

Acid-Base Balance Powder

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Content: 250 g Powder

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The easy Way to find Your Inner Acid-Base Balance

The quality of the Acid-Base Balance Powder is characterized by the most important and well-composed alkaline nutrients with a high bioavailability and an acid buffering:
- Calcium citrate,
- Sodium citrate,
- Potassium citrate and
- Magnesium citrate.
Citrate complexes of minerals are easily absorbed by the body and effort a noticeable adustment of the pH value.
Additionally, Acid-Base Balance Powder contains the essential trace elements:
- Zinc,
- Iron,
- Selenium,
- Jodine,
- Copper and
- Chromium,
which have key functions in many metabolic processes and produce „inner balance“.

Recommended intake:
2 times daily 2 teespoons (20g) with a glass of water before the meal.